Brand nutrition manufacturing plant

Brand Nutrition Factory

Built over 1050 m2 with a capacity of 1800 m2 on three floors, registered in Egyptian NFSA in June 2019.

Syrups & Drops: 900,000 units per year.

Tablets: 52 M tablets per year.

Hard gelatin capsules: 56 M CAP per year.

Powders: 120 M sachets per year

Certificate & Licenses

Operating license approved by the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs

Industrial Register

Certified Lines of Manufacturing in The Egyptian NFSA

Registration of Brand Nutrition in The White list in the Egyptian NFSA

GMP Certification approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Approval of Brand Nutrition Factory At the Egyptian Accreditation (EGAC) Headed by the Minister of Trade and Industry GMP